The Sovereign Earth Alliance is a manifest-um compilation of astute variation of agreement created by the Mind of Universal Peace beheld via the Science of Right Reason. Such Mind’s Eye is dedicated to action predicated upon the duty that All Walks of Life owe to one another via their just stewardship of the self-evident principles each are equally endowed as unalienable rights and entitlements, to which the Law’s of Nature and Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason have entitled them.

First Things First

The purpose of this web site is to introduce Solutions to the current and ever changing global, universal, and traversal conditions and raise awareness of the often overlooked natural universal right of Self Determination and the ability of All Walks of Life to acquire political Standing to exercise the Right thereof. The Universal Right of Self Determination is the method by which people can identify, secure, and support their natural rights to life, liberty and property and gain Standing among all societies of Mankind, whether known as States, Nations, Kingdoms, International Organizations and/or however known.

The Process

This process is based on one lynchpin Universal Principle; first and foremost, getting Agreements with All Walks of Life within the various and diverse geopolitical social compact systems individually and/or collectively, universally and/or globally, as necessity presents itself in the exercise of Self-determination. The Cornerstone that these Agreements are built upon, is the ability of each High Contracting Party States thereto, to be supported by the Universal Pillars of their pledge in both their Lives, Wealth, and Sacred Honor, while establishing equitable recourse for the maintenance of Universal Peace.

Historical Perspective

The right of self-determination of peoples has existed since man has existed. The right is based solely on one principle: sovereign thought in relation to just stewardship. It has been put many ways, such as taking dominion, exercising control, or what have you, but we prefer to believe in that it is the just stewardship of the Universal E’State of Creation and presently that which we exercise respective to planet Earth, from which we firstly manifestly exercise Self-determination.

Purpose & Goals

Self-determination is the exercise of just stewardship over one’s own body, mind, and/or spirit and such other privy territories under documented and exemplified claims, as acknowledged via variation by agreement by any particular social compacts and/or collective sovereignty within the familial association of any known Peoples of Earth or otherwise, explicitly exercising the Science of Right Reason universally seeking Universal Peace in the interest of Good Will with All Walks of Life.


Some may deem that atrocities or violations of Universal or International Public Order were created by certain men in their exercise of the Right of Self-determination. Some may already know that certain men claiming sovereignty and just stewardship have created certain doctrines, like the Doctrine of Discovery and the Doctrine of Heathenism, to justify usurpation's and the like. However, this is not unique to any social compact, culture, religion, or group of men.